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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Operation Bunk Bed Baby Cage (or "safety barrier" if you prefer) is surprisingly a success!!

Still can't quite believe I pulled this one off, but here we go.

It started with a guy selling a 7 metre roll of new shade cloth on Facebook marketplace for $30 (plenty left over to make an actual shade wall too!) Was followed by lots of googling about how to sew zippers and velcro. Then lots of head scratching (& phone consults with my Mum who unlike me actually knows how to sew) about the best design, plenty of measurement checks, a few trips to Spotlight, and here we are!

I've attached it to the bunk with velcro so the whole thing can be easily removed if someone other than a baby wants to sleep in there. It's easy access to get Rosie in & out with the zips, and It's see through enough that we can keep an eye on her, but dark enough that she can sleep during the day. Plus we can peek through the bunk ladder holes to check on her, and pop our hand in to easily turn her light on and off, or to it's blue night light setting.

Sure beats our previous system of shoving whatever we could in the side as a barrier to stop her crawling or rolling out, and will keep her safely inside even when she's able to pull herself up and over the old barriers.

Pretty stoked with this! Might go treat myself to a sneaky glass of wine to celebrate my genius 🤣🥂

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