• The Great Escape


New Zealand's East Cape Coastal Road was equally as beautiful as The Coromandel but with a whole lot less people to share it with.

The coast is dotted with campsite after campsite, from free, to low cost, to caravan parks. All in beautiful locations with fantastic views (find them on the CamperMate app).

We took 4 days to travel from Whakatane to Gisborne, taking our time, stopping for regular oceans swims, and just taking in the gorgeous views. Definitely recommend 👍

(Map in photos to show you which area of NZ we're talking about. Will try and include this regularly so you can get an idea of where in NZ we are as most people aren't particularly familiar with NZ Geography!)

And if you want to read a full right up of our time in this beautiful part of NZ you can check out the article we wrote for CamperMate here

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