• The Great Escape - Australia


This Easter we hitched up the caravan, hit the road and travelled approximately 1325cms down a questionable road, that was really nothing more than a driveway, to our new campsite.

It was a lovely flat grassed area, with fenced off sites and power available. Unfortunately limited privacy, no views, some road noise, difficult access, and no fires allowed (but we did manage to cook some marshmallows over the Weber). Plus the amenities were under lock & key, and looked like no one had bothered to clean them for the last week or so. Overall we give this campsite a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Fortunately however the neighbours are a definite 10/10. We've had multiple people stop for an over the fence chat and to bring us home made chocolate cake, drumsticks (of the ice cream variety), grapes, figs, and feijoas (all while maintaining an appropriate 2 metre distance of course!) And we even woke up to a surprise mandarin hunt in the garden!

Plus the Easter Bunny still managed to find us in the caravan, probably due to Ryan's eggscellent directions.

We really should go camping in the front yard more often

Happy Easter everyone 🐰

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