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Geeeees, sometimes I wonder about people.

Our Facebook post from two days ago about the Kiwi Camp facilities in Tongariro National Park has been shared around a fair bit, and for the most part the comments have been hugely positive, which is fantastic.

But some on the other hand have been grumpy, rude, abusive, racist, creepy, or just plain weird.

Apparently some people don't believe we should have to pay for these facilities at all, it's outrageous, they should all be free.Others have said there's no point building them because they'll just get trashed anyway. Plus they're too ugly. Oh & it's not really camping if you're not in a tent anyway.

Others have suggested "the backpackers" are too tight to use them (despite all the comments about how they should be free coming from Aussies or Kiwis), along with various other comments blaming backpackers for all the ills of the world.Someone else complained that it's cheaper to stay at these sort of places than live in a house, and this is therefore evidence that the government cares more about foreigners than their own people.

One guy took it upon himself to look up the personal profile of one of our female followers and make comments about her appearance.

Another used this post as an excuse to make abusive and offensive comments about Kiwis, including abusing anyone who didn't agree with him.

And yet another claimed the reason Australia doesn't have facilities like these is because "we give too much money to people overseas who haven't paid tax".

Honestly sometimes I wonder why I bother. How some people have the energy to be so negative all the time is beyond me.

Now you don't have to like what we post, and you're welcome to create discussion. But if you're going to be abusive or racist you are quite simply not welcome on this page, so please move yourself along, or I'll be quite happy to do it for you. Unfortunately I've had to be a little heavy on the "delete and ban" button this weekend, and quite frankly I've got better things to do with my time 🤦‍♀️

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