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Lake District Adventures are only 40 mins from where we've been living so we definitely had to give them a visit before we left the area (only a few more weeks and we're full time travelling again! )

They do these really cool evening kayak tours to a beautiful section of Lake Karapiro (near Cambridge, in the North Island) that's absolutely teeming with glow worms. It's beautiful being out on the lake as it is, but extra cool to be floating calmly down a stream in the dark as the walls glow around you.

It's just me this time as I ditched the man and the kids for the night (whooop whoop! ) but it was heaps of fun so I felt a bit bad for not taking Ryan along It had rained hard out all day but the rain cleared just in time and we had a calm, mild night with the full moon peeking through the clouds.

Definitely recommend if you're lucky enough to be travelling the North Island. But if you're not, and it's safe/legal to do so where you are, then seek out local, family run businesses like this one, and get out and be a tourist in your own neighborhood! Then let us know what hidden gems you've found in your own backyard - sometimes the very best places are right there under your nose

(Glow worms are hard enough to photograph at the best of times, let alone in a moving kayak, so I've stolen some photos from their website to give you an idea what it was like after dark! )

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