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Huka Falls in NZ reminds me a little bit of the Horizontal Fall in Aus, in the sense that they're both huge amount of water rushing through a narrow passage.

But that is about where the similarities end. The Horizontal Falls are caused by huge tidal changes and are found in a remote area of The Kimberley only accessible by boat or air, making them very expensive to visit (but still well worth it!)

Huka Falls are caused by a sudden narrowing of the mighty Waikato River and can be found just north of Taupo, New Zealand meaning they're easily accessible and free to visit (but you'll have to share them with a few thousand other tourists).

Both are worth a look, if you ask me 😉

(Photo of The Kid in his Suneez Sunglasses thinking he's the coolest Kid ever, yet again)

Oh and if you don't know what The Horizontal Falls are you can check out our post from when we visited them here

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