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Free Camping with pay per use facilities!

We love this concept from Kiwi Camp. This one can be found in the National Park Village near Tongariro National Park. It has 197 parking spaces where you can camp free of charge (vehicles only, not tents), and a bunch of facilities you can use on a pay per use basis. So if you're like us, and only need a dump point, a water top up and a hot shower, then that's all you use!

Access to facilities is fully automated so the camp is unstaffed. You buy a $5 KiwiCash fob card, then use an app to top it up as required. Then you just swipe your card to access the facilities you need.

Prices for this particular site are: Camping: Free Caravan Power Points: $7 for 14hrs Hot Showers: $2 for 5 mins Cook tops: $1 for 1hr Dish Washing: $0.50 Laundry: $4 per load Fresh Water Fill: $2 (although this particular site also had a free potable water tap out near the dump point) Toilets: Free Electronic Vehicle Charging: Free (there are free EV charging stations all over NZ) Dump Station: Free WiFi (limited): Free

Genius! 😁

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