• The Great Escape


Life feels so uncertain at the moment. New Zealand had 102 blissful covid free days, but somehow it snuck back in and who knows what the future holds?

Fortunately we're not based in Auckland so life is still relatively free from restrictions for us at the moment. We can still travel domestically outside of Auckland (& let's face it, we generally avoid Aucks anyway ) and day to day life goes on - for now. But I think we've all felt things have been a bit too good to be true here and another lockdown is likely in our future at some point, so we're just making the most of our freedoms while we can and appreciating them more than ever.

Unfortunately the main thing holding us back at the moment is shift work (honestly, who'd be a nurse? What even is a weekend? I don't know cause I no longer seem to have them ) & uncertainty. It doesn't feel like a particularly good year to hit the road full time in a teeny little caravan. So we're just going to hold steady for now, save our $$'s, get out when we can, and wait and see what the future holds. We're safe, we're together (but missing our Melbourne family like crazy ), we can put food on the table. We are the lucky ones, and we well know it. We know that everyone is experiencing these times differently, and life isn't always easy. One day this will all be over, and I wonder how we will look back on it all?

We hope you're all staying safe & sane too, wherever you are in this crazy world

* Picture of lunchtime at our most recent campsite. Brings new meaning to 'stay within your bubble'. I might make them all eat in there at home too, and go have a wine in peace

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