• The Great Escape


1 month of age and this Little Kiwi has her passport sorted, ready to see the world.

I'm absurdly excited by this. I hope she realises as she grows what an absolute gift this is. That purely by the luck of her country of birth almost the entire world is open to her. This little document is her ticket to freedom, adventure, & understanding. And even though I know that one day it may take her far far away from me, I dearly hope she inherits my love of travel. And I hope that in this world that seems to be becoming more divisive in front of my very eyes she chooses to use this absolute privilege for good.

Because you can't really truly understand your place in this world until you get out there and see it for yourself.

♥️🌏 (And don't worry, I'll get her an Aussie one eventually too 😉)

Now, the important question: where should we take her first? 😁

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