• The Great Escape


2 Weeks into living in our caravan again and so far we've travelled a grand total of 50 metres across the road into our neighbours backyard!

Getting it in was fun (I use that word as sarcastically as possible - see photos for how tight the squeeze was!) and required a person on each corner of the van maneuvering it, and me running around like a crazy woman with Rosie in the baby backpack shouting directions. In fact we may never get it out again and be stuck here forever

But assuming we're able to get back out we'll be here for a few more days, then we're moving into our first house sit of the trip (we've already got a couple more booked in).

We're both still working for another couple of weeks (although I've been off sick this week which hasn't been ideal) before hitting the road proper, and Ryan still has 2 more weeks of 'real school' so we've been juggling a shift worker, an early starting tradie, and the school/daycare runs all while living in a tiny little box on wheels, which I can assure you is not quite as fun as it is when you're on the road proper.

Although the baby does like to get us all up at 6am anyway (5.40 this morning, hence the bleary eyes in our family photo!), which I'm sure is going to make us very popular once we're in a real campsite

We've spent most of our days running after Rosie trying (& sometimes failing) to stop her from injuring herself, which I suspect will be the status quo for the duration of our travels. Fortunately Nathan came up with a genius idea for a baby gate on the caravan door, so we can at least keep her from falling/escaping out the door, although she has already discovered that she can push a stool (or similar) over to the gate and attempt to climb over it. Yay

The caravan has been in permanent disarray (we're still working out where everything goes) and life has been a wee bit chaotic. But we're loving the morning cuddles in bed with the kids, the dinners cooked outside with our friends, and the trampoline that's literally on our doorstep. Oh, and not paying rent, that's pretty sweet

And of course we're counting the days until work is done and we're on the road again! Not long!

*edit* forgot to mention that the baby pooed on our rug and weed on our bed in the first week. What a start

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