• The Great Escape


Maitai Bay is one seriously gorgeous beach.

But unfortunately we didn't really get to experience it's full potential. On our first visit the weather turned awful after our first night, and we discovered a problem with our caravan brakes that needed attention. So off we went to get that sorted, then came back a second time two weeks later only for the weather to do the same thing (never trust the forecast in this country!) & for us to end up with a sick miserable baby, which resulted in us leaving early to be closer to town and medical services.

Ah well, you know what they say about the best laid plans

We still got to have a swim, meet the random resident pig, the family of baby Pukekos, and fellow travellers Carl & Justine from On the Road NZ (who have the most beautifully renovated old bus ) so all is not lost!

Plus we once again had amazing neighbours. While Nathan was working on the caravan brakes a lovely lady made him a coffee, and another gave us an entire fresh watermelon. We spent an afternoon out of the rain eating biscuits in Carl & Justines bus. And then some other neighbours on the second visit gave us freshly caught, very tasty Snapper. Everyone is always so kind to our children everywhere we go, it's so lovely to always be so blessed with gorgeous neighbours!

Carl & Justine do a much better job of showcasing the area than we do, so check out their blog about it here.

And look out for their gorgeous picture of our caravan taken through the bus window!

Fortunately the whole of Northland is one beautiful beach after another, so we're camped up at another stunning one already

(And Rosie is recovered and back to her usual noisy, demanding self! Her nicknames are The Queen, but also The Gremlin. And they both suit )

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