• The Great Escape


New Zealand bucket list:

- Hike Tongariro in the winter - Spot a Kea in the wild - Meet Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Well, I've ticked one of them off!

Today also happens to be Rosie's first birthday, so it's fitting she gets to meet a woman that's a role model for girls all over the world (although I think we can safely say I was a wee bit more excited about it than Rosie was )

Fun fact for those not following NZ politics: there's an election & referendum coming up this weekend (which as an Australian living here I'm eligible to vote in, despite not being a citizen) and BOTH the major political parties are lead by women.

Thanks also to the awesome girl next to me in the crowd who offered to take photos for me! I offered to return the favour but like a queen she said she'd rather take a selfie so she could make sure she looked good ;)

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