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NZ wide lockdown officially starts at midnight tonight, although like most people we've essentially been in self isolation since it was announced on Monday afternoon.

This means essential services only (predominently health services and grocery stores) for the next 4 week (at least), with everyone else to stay at home with their own immediate family group.

So no work for Nathan, no school for Ryan, and as I'm still on maternity leave no work for me (although I will consider returning early if needs be). Just the 4 of us at home for the next 4 weeks.

Now I know for a lot of people thats a very daunting prospect, but as it turns out we've been inadvertently training for this for years! We're well used to spending 24/7 together in a small space and not seeing other people for weeks on end, as well as having limited options for groceries and supplies. And full time travel has taught us that you never know when things are going to go horribly wrong, so we always have an emergency just in case fund we can draw on if needed. And if ever there was a time for an emergency fund, it's this.

We are the lucky ones. All we have to do is spend 4 weeks together with the people we love, with plenty of time to finish the last bits of our caravan reno. There are definitely worse things in life.

Fortunately we finished our last travels right before all this kicked off here, and we held onto our rental place so we're not frantically trying to find a place to hole up like so many other travellers. And hopefully NZ has been proactive enough that we'll be spared the worst of what could be.

But I understand that these times are going to be extremely hard for a lot of people both psychologically and financially, so this is the time to look out for one another.

We've always been lucky to be blessed with fantastic neighbours everywhere we've lived and here is no exception. The women on our street have created a Facebook group to keep in touch, and we all know we can call on each other if needs be. I strongly suggest trying to do something similar to connect with your neighbours too.

As promised we'll be starting our "Locations from Lockdown" series tomorrow showcasing some of our all time favourite locations from our travels. And we'd love for you to share yours with us too!

I'm also currently writing a series of articles for CamperMate about how our travels have prepared us for lockdown, with a bunch of tips to help you keep sane. So watch out for that one.

Now is the time to stay home, to look after yourselves and the people around you. These are crazy times, and the only way we'll get through this is if we do it together. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Reconnect with old friends. And reach out to others if you think they're struggling.

You know what they say, in a world where you can be anything, be kind

UPDATE: links to CamperMate articles we've written about surviving lockdown here

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