• The Great Escape


There are so many things I love about this lifestyle. I love being outdoors, I love getting to spend so much time with my wonderful family (even if The Kid drives us bonkers 😉), I love exploring such beautiful countries, I love not being tied down to a regular 9-5 for 50 odd years, I love the sunsets, the stars, and the beautiful views. All those things.

But there's something else I love that is perhaps a little unexpected.

I love not having regular access to a mirror.

That might seem a little odd, but in regular life we see our reflection multiple times a day. We see it when we brush our teeth, when we get out of the shower, and everytime we go to the bathroom, or wash our hands.And the more we see it, the more we scrutinise it. The more we notice the imperfections. The lines that are appearing. The grey hairs that are starting to sneek in. The eyebrows that need plucking. And for me that post baby body that doesn't look quite the same as it used to.

Now to be honest I'm not one to worry too much about appearances anyway. But at the moment, I barely see myself at all, and it's fantastic. Because when you can't see how you look, you start to stop caring so much. And you realise none of those things really matter anyway. The people that matter (pictured here) love me just the way I am. And I'd rather spend my time present with them, loving life, than worrying about my appearance.

We had planned to put a mirror in the caravan as part of the reno. But on reflection (see what I did there 😉) I don't think we will after all.😎

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