• The Great Escape


Our first month milestone just whizzed on by so quick we almost missed it, but we're loving being back on the road full time.

To celebrate here's a few random stats for you:

- Travelled roughly 1,350km so far from Hamilton to Kerikeri.

- Stayed at 7 different places including 1 house sit, 1 free camp, 1 DOC site, 2 NZMCA sites and 2 low cost no frills spots right by the beach.

- Fed sheep, collected eggs, made friends with lots of dogs, dealt with runaway cattle shagging loudly outside our caravan window, caught 2 fish, and spotted a wild Kiwi!

- The Kid has spoken to roughly 4000 people, usually knows most of the other campers in the campsite, finds friends everywhere, and was even found going through his family photo album with one particularly tolerant backpacker

- Zero parent arguments (so far!) but the kids are driving us bloody bonkers. They both literally never stop. Thank god we've got the whole of NZ for them to run around!

- Zero McDonald's. In a fit of idealism we (ok, I. The family aren't totally on board with this one..) pledged to avoid the golden arches for the entirety of our journey and instead support local Kiwi businesses. Putting it on here so now we have to actually stick to it

- Had waaaay too few showers. But made up for it with plenty of ocean, river and waterfall swims.

- Zero times plugged into power. Our 12v and solar system is working a treat

- And had an entire box of cask wine empty itself into our car fridge

All in all though, it's been a pretty sweet first month. Here's to many, many more

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