• The Great Escape


The insane thing is we bought this particular van because we liked the layout and figured we could get away with a fairly cosmetic renovation...

But now we're seriously considering gutting it and completely redesigning the entire interior 😲😲 (Mainly so we can completely insulate it, add some bunks and a bigger bed)

We'll be reusing the original fixtures wherever possible but adding a more modern/functional kitchen, a diesel heater, a full 12v/solar system, and making it completely self contained by NZ rules (toilet, water & grey water tanks). We'll probably also add some brakes - NZ rules say vans under 2 ton don't need them so none of the old vans have them, which is insane as most cars aren't rated to tow more than 750kgs unbraked 🤷‍♀️

So consider these the "before" photos and here's hoping we don't completely balls it up. Are we completely bonkers?! 🤦‍♀️🤣

PS - if anyone has any amazing tips or space saving, cost saving ideas we're totally open to suggestions!

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