• The Great Escape


What breakfast looks like when your parents have sold all the furniture out from under you and you're days away from moving back into a home on wheels full time.

We've been talking a lot with all our new friends and colleagues here in NZ about our plans to pack up our lives (again!) to travel New Zealand (in the middle of a global pandemic no less) full time in a 16ft caravan (that's nearly 50 years young) and as usual we're hearing the same thing over and over... surprisingly not "you guys are completely bonkers" but actually "I'd love to do something like that".

And I'm convinced the reason so many people want to but never actually do is because the thought of packing up an entire house full of "stuff" and then fitting what's left + a couple of kids into a small shiny box on wheels just seems like a completely insurmountable task.

And I get it. It very nearly is. The entire process is quite frankly a complete shitshow (& we're neck deep in it as we speak). Even for us, who moved into a rental just last year, only bought cheap secondhand furniture that could be on-sold, and did our best to limit how much "stuff" we accumulated, it's still been a very un-fun, stressful, labour intensive, chaotic process.

But unlike those who are doing it for the first time we knew what we were getting into this time, and best of all we know what's waiting for us on the other side - complete freedom, stunning locations, epic adventures, endless family time (pros and cons to that one, admittedly ) and a lifestyle that most people really only dream about.

So as I scrub every damn corner of this house to ensure our bond comes back, do one last op-shop run, and somehow squeeze all the necessities of life for a family of 4 into a 16ft caravan I know it's all going to be worth it in the end; When the winding road is in front of us, there's no rent due, and our biggest worry is choosing which campsite to stop at for the night.

Life is good, hey?

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