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PET HATE: when someone (anyone) posts a map of their travels and gets a whole heap of comments about all the places they missed.

I'm talking things like:

"You haven't seen Australia if you didn't go to Kakadu"

"Why bother going if you're going to travel so quickly"

"It's not a real Australia trip if you haven't been to Tassie"

"I can't believe you went to X and didn't see Y"

And yes, believe it or not we still get this rubbish when we post pictures of our maps too. Even though our personal map has taken 3 years of full time travel + lots of other shorter trips over the years to achieve.

How about we celebrate what people have done instead of what they haven't? As far as I'm concerned any trip exploring our beautiful country - whether it's few weeks or an entire lifetime - is well worth celebrating.

So don't be put off by the vastness. Don't try and see it all (it's not possible, believe me!)

Just do what you can, make the most of the time you've got, and enjoy the journey.

For the record, we've still got Arnhem Land, The Gulf and The Simpson to tick off our lists. We'll get there one day (hopefully) but in the meantime we're looking forward to drawing some lines on our New Zealand map!!


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