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Social Media is a strange thing.

I could post this picture with a caption about how much I love these guys, how lucky we are to finally have another baby on the way, how excited Ryan is to be a big brother, and how we can't wait to continue travelling as a family of four. And all of that would be very much true. (#blessed 🤣)

But it wouldn't exactly be an accurate picture of what this year, and this pregnancy has been like for our family.

A more accurate photo might show me in the kitchen in front of the pantry in my trackies with my giant belly sobbing my eyes out because I've been vomiting all day, and I'm starving hungry, but there's not a single piece of food in the cupboard that I think I could manage to eat, and it's been like this for fxxking months and I just can't take it anymore. Meanwhile Nathan who is working a full time job, and renovating our caravan on the weekends, then coming home to a miserable wife, is in front of the stove in his workwear attempting to cook dinner for the family members who can actually eat, while trying to console me at the same time. And The Kid is in front of the TV ignoring us both because he's gotten so used to Mum vomming & crying that he's gone from being sweet and sympathetic to barely even noticing anymore.

Or perhaps me at work crying in the toilets for the 4th time that day because I've vommed yet again, and I'm so damn tired, and so damn sick, and how can I care for other people when I feel like I can barely care for myself?

Or me crying in the shower because I vommed so violently that I burst all the blood vessels around my eyes, and pissed myself at the same time? (Isn't pregnancy such a beautiful thing? 😉)

What I'm saying is, it's been hard. Bloody hard. And I am never, ever putting myself and my family through this again. But that doesn't change the fact that my first statement is still 100% true.

Sometimes people look at me so horrified when I say how much I hate being pregnant. As a woman I should just be quietly grateful for my ability to bear children. And I am. But I challenge anyone to go through 9 months straight of nausea, hunger, fatigue, & vomiting and come through it saying anything else. However just because pregnancy is shit for me doesn't mean I don't love my children and appreciate how lucky I am to have them - particularly after years of thinking it might never happen. It's ok to be grateful and appreciative of all that you have while also aknowledging that it's been a really difficult road to get here. And the more I talk about how hard I find it, the more I hear people telling me a similar story.

And lets face it, nobody wants to see pictures of me in any of the above scenarios, nor do I particularly want to remember myself in them. So we'll stick with the beautiful photos, which serve to remind me of just how lucky I truly am.

And baby, we're ready for you now! Seriously, like today would be great 😁👍


Thanks Catherine Smith Photography for the beautiful photos

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