• The Great Escape


The kids and I took the caravan out without Daddy for a few days (We met up with some other families and Dad came and joined us on the weekend).

The night before we left I was explaining to The Big Kid how it would just be the 3 of us & no Dad for a few days. Conversation went something like this:

"Ummm have you taken the caravan out without Daddy before?"

"No, but I've been practicing lots and doing really well"

*Super skeptical face* "Oh. Oh. Right. Well. I hope that works out then"

Needless to say despite his complete lack of confidence in my abilities it worked out just fine. Although he didn't even notice my stella reversing skills cause he was too busy playing Minecraft in the back seat

It did however rain constantly the entire time we were away, causing our campsite to turn into a giant mud pit complete with our own flock of very friendly ducks. Fortunately we still had a great time, thanks mostly to excellent company, a nearby hot pool, and rather too much mulled wine.

Life is good, hey?

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