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Updated: Feb 23

Keeping a toddler contained when you live in a caravan can be challenging. We may have two sets of parents eyes and one big brother to keep watch, but she still does her best to throw herself into/off/on top of things she shouldn't. Even just preventing her from disappearing outside the caravan door the minute you turn your back was a challenge.

So we came up with a couple of ideas to keep the little gremlin safe:

DIY caravan door baby gate. We really wanted one of those awesome doors you can open up just at the top, but attempting to add one to a vintage caravan would have been an expensive exercise. Instead Nathan made up a wooden gate, and put a couple of small metal brackets on each side of the door frame. The gate simply slides down from the top and prevents the baby from escaping. It's low enough that adults can (ungracefully) step over it, and it means we can let the baby free range around the caravan without worrying she'll go head first out the door. Genius!

Baby bunk bed safety net, AKA the baby cage.

I've posted about this before but it's basically a DIY safety enclosure I made for the bottom bunk using a shade sail. It works a treat to keep her sleeping safely, although as you can see in the photo she has now worked out how to open the velcro at the top, but thankfully not the zippers yet! You can check out all the details about how I made it here

Kmart pop up pet playpen.

Yes, you read that right, pet playpen. Find it in the pet section, use it for your baby Seriously, it works a treat. Folds up flat, lightweight, but opens up into a fully enclosed secure play space. Plus it has a removable mesh roof so it's great to keep the bugs out. The big kid even likes playing in there - he puts our big double towel over the top and turns it into a fort

Any other baby proofing ideas? Let us know

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