• The Great Escape


Maiden voyage in our new & improved retro caravan!

Made a few rookie mistakes. When we pulled up at a roadside stop to make lunch I went to feed Rosie in the front seat of the car. Until Nathan pointed out that we have a perfectly good caravan attached to the back with the choice of a bed or seating area ready & available. I'm not used to this luxury! 🤣

Then we drove off and left the bloody step stool behind 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

And of course there's a myriad of things we've forgotten/left behind. And there's shit everywhere while we work out what goes where. But we'll work it out as we go!

We're going to be parked up behind the managers office at a caravan park on The Coromandel for the next few weeks helping out over the busy period so hopefully that will give us plenty of time to get used to travelling with 2 kids instead of 1, and to being in a caravan instead of a camper trailer. Plus plenty of beach time too.

Life is sweeeeet 😁👍

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