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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

One of the things we love about our caravan is the huge windows. But we also like our privacy and obviously didn't want people to be able to see inside those huge windows. The curtains our caravan came with were paper thin, and whoever made them must have had some trouble using a tape measure as they were way to short for the windows, meaning there was zero privacy, particularly in the evening when we had the lights on.

They obviously had to go, but while we had no idea how to make replacements, we also didn't really want to spend a fortune getting them custom made. So I figured I'd give it a go myself and see what happened. First, I had to borrow a sewing machine, then I had to learn how to use said sewing machine. Then I took my clueless self to Spotlight with a little bit of paper with all the window measurements, and the gorgeous ladies at the fabric counter were absolute gold. They talked me through my options for the sheer underlays (& cut them to size), recommended fabric for the curtains, and calculated how much I'd need (with a little room for the errors I was sure to make).

And somehow, miraculously, with a fair bit of trial and error, I came up with the goods. And if I do say so myself they look pretty damn good. Plus, we must be ok with a tape measure because unlike the old curtains there's full coverage and no gaps.

We even had a bit of material left over, so I knocked up some matching privacy curtains for the kids bunks.

And now I'm feeling full of (over) confidence I'm going to cover the seat cushions, and attempt a mesh enclosure for the bottom bunk to keep the baby safely where she's supposed to be. Wish me luck 😬😉

Before & After

Before & After


During. The sheers were the easy bits as the lovely ladies at Spotlight cut them all to size for me and all we had to do was hang them.

During & After

Curtain wire doubles as clothesline on occasion🤣

The Kid loves his "room" that we created with a privacy curtain

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