• The Great Escape


In today's episode of what life in a caravan really looks like...

First up we have a happening Saturday night sat reading a book with a mug of red wine resting on the portaloo. Wet clothes from our visit to the snow (we're camped just a few kms away but unfortunately it hasn't snowed at the actual campsite) are hanging up to dry, and it's fortunately a lovely 20 degrees inside thanks to our diesel heater, as it's only 2 degrees outside. The small kid is asleep (although she kindly woke every 2 hours overnight ) and the big kid is in his "room" reading a story to himself. Dog Man I believe. I've managed to sneak some chocolate for dessert without him noticing - that curtain certainly has it's advantages!

Next morning you'll see crap everywhere with the caravan in complete disarray, as it is most of the time. The windows were covered in condensation so we've gone around and given them all a once over with the window vac. Breakfast is over, with a strong coffee to start the day due to zero sleep thanks to the small kid who has woken up full of beans. Everyone else was relaxing reading a book but as I write this the big kid is attempting to make a blanket fort around me in the bed as I'm refusing to move. Dishes are drying on the sink. We forgot to fill the water tank (rookie mistake!) so we've been out to the campsite tap to fill a bucket for dishes. It's raining lightly. Fortunately we brought a 20L jerry of drinking water as we weren't sure how cold it would get, and thought the pipes might potentially freeze.

Soon we'll head up the hill for another fun day at the snow, tobogganing on boogie boards and enjoying the beautiful views of Mt. Ruapehu. Caravan life may not always be all that pretty, but it's never boring!

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