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Wiring Insulation Roof panels

The man has had a productive weekend! And while admittedly none of the above is finished, we've made a bloody good start! Really looking forward to having all the walls back in. Maybe next weekend..?

(And by we, I mean Nathan. I've spent the weekend on the couch/in bed kept company by occasional voms + braxton hicks, and hoping this baby decides to come a few weeks early before I lose my mind completely. Scroll through to the last photo to see me hard at work 🤣)

He's a good egg, this one👍

12v wiring by Nathan. 240v by an Electrician. Unfortunately we ran just short of wiring so need to pick up more this week and finish it next weekend

Installing the insulation

Poor Grandpa has been dragged out of retirement again.

Was a bit if a logistical challenge keeping the roof panels in place/the right shape while waiting for the glue to dry.

More insulation. No freezing my tits off in the NZ winter!

Hard at work. To be fair, I did bake the cake🤷‍♀️

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